So with our new anti-cheat, a lot of players have been getting falsely banned. Our anti-cheat is machine learning, so give it some time. It's mostly fixed right now. When we first got it, it was first like you join Survival and Skyblock and you would get banned right away for "World downloader". For now, we have problems when members place crops, torches and bone meal. Right now, we are trying to fix everything so you don't get falsely banned. If you do get falsely banned, please head over to our Discord server and open a ticket in #support-tickets to get an unban. If a staff member catches you cheating and bans you, you will know that because there won't be a ban ID. If you do not have a ban ID, then you would have to appeal which you can on the forums. You must state why you want a second chance/why it was false. It must be detailed and you must apologize. Try to also add extra details in your unban appeal. Anyways, this problem should be fixed soon. 

-Max, Fave Network Co-Owner.

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