Our new support system

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So we are currently working on a new support system. Yes, we will still keep the email support system. What we will have is just an FAQ portal and also a live chat support system. The website is going to be so it's easier for us to make. What you will expect from this:

  • A separate website for support.
  • An FAQ page just in case you don't need to contact support and can just read on a fix.
  • Live chat support system.

The website is and we are working on it. We will also soon make a time table for when we available for live chat. Again, our support email will always be there ( More updates soon, look out for and our Twitter @FaveNetwork.

If you have any questions, email me at

New Trello board

[Co-Owner] MaxKing100 aCo-Owner posted Sat at 15:06 - We will move the changelogs and maintenance times over to the Trello board. More stuff coming soon as we are still building it.

For the staff team, they will have a different and private Trello board to get caught up with whats currently happening. Will also be used if we ask for help with something and that can be helpful to keep everything organized. Staff, keep your eyes out on the staff announcements channel on Discord to find out how to view the staff only Trello board.

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We've got you covered! If you wish to see full logs of when we were griefed or hacked, go over to

All updates over at out Twitter:

Basically, BrqydenYT (The owner) got hacked and everything just went down. Check for updates on our Twitter.

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